3D printed metal chairs by john briscella hint at a future of mass produced design

Using 3D printed metal, john briscella has reimagined the epitomes of the modern design era into an investigative evaluation of emerging production techniques,’continuum3. the collection highlights classic forms and dimensions of modern furniture — however, like the mathematic models present in continuum theories — a gradual transition from one condition to another must take place. in this instance, the works of eames, saarinen and more are mathematical constants; in silhouette, their changes are subtle. but at their hearts, they are entirely different, at john briscella’s innovative use of materials.

State of the art additive technologies, new development software — ‘continuum3’ not only shows us the next step in the design timeline, it shows us how maximized efficiency can be, how optimized additive 3D production has become, and how attractive perfect repetitions are. in fact, it is with the repetitiveness of these structures that briscella uses to speak to audiences about the technological capacity and potential of 3D printing on mass produced objects.

nuum’ takes the classical form and progresses toward something new; in an homage to eames, briscella adds the mathematical letter ’n’ — a non negative integer. ‘geofrei’ is geometrical and free. ‘seafoam’ is calming — the entire collection is one flush with history — past, present, and a 3D printed, highly optimized future. 

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