7 Iconic Buildings Reimagined in Different Architectural Styles

Architectural styles derive their uniqueness by demonstrating the construction techniques, political movements, and social changes that make up the zeitgeist of a place in a particular moment of time. Whether it was the rebirth of art and culture with Renaissance architecture or the steel skyscrapers that emerged in the post-war movement, each stylistic change tells us something different about the transitions of architectural history. But what if architecture rejected a critical regionalist approach, and buildings took on the characteristics of another place? These seven images made for Expedia provide a glimpse into what some of our favorite architectural icons would look like if they were built in a different style.

Sydney Opera House in Tudor style

Fallingwater in Classical style

CN Tower in Ancient Egyptian style

The Louvre in Brutalist style

Buckingham Palace in Bauhaus style

Petronas Towers in Gothic style

Niterói Contemporary Art Museum in Sustainable style

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