House Over The Rocks by Schwember García-Huidobro Arquitectos

This house is located within a forest in the south of Chile in a place of boundless natural beauty. Its dense surrounding forest and rocks from the last glaciation compose a unique landscape.

The house was located in a complex but crucial place: over the rocks to avoid the flow of water draining through the site and moisture, in a forest glade to receive the sunlight, all while taking in the best views towards the forest and the Andes Mountains.

The house was conceived as a shelter (or "refugio") which means that the bedrooms and private spaces are simple and reduced, and where, by contrast, the public areas are more open and spacious to accommodate family life.

The shelter is laid out in a "Y" shape in the plan in order to capture the sunlight and the best views. Additionally, this form allows each person to enjoy quiet moments in the bedrooms but also intensive family times in the center. Thus, there is a healthy balance between resting and sharing.

The “Y” house has 3 directions: The north axis, with the master bedroom looking towards forest. The west axis, with children and guest rooms. The east axis, with the living and dining room that looks towards the forest glade and the mountains. Finally, in the center, where all axes intersect, sits a spacious and sunlit kitchen where the family can congregate.

Outside, one enters the house by means of a rusty steel footbridge. Everything else around is the untouched forest in order to appreciate nature in its pure state.

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