Merge series by okkim studio resembles stone stacks of buddhist temples

South-korean okkim studio introduces the merged series, a collection of tables, stools and side tables influenced by the idyllic scenery of Buddhist temples and traditional stone stacks made by villagers, monks, and pilgrims. the series will be presented during Milan design week at Salone satellite, hall b stand d-16 from 17 to 22 April.

For the merge series, okkim studio was influenced by the scenery of tongdosa, a buddhist temple located in yang-san, gyeongsangnam-do and its simple, tranquil surroundings. on the way to Korean temples, one finds man-made stacks of stone called makdoltap, where each piece carries a wish or prayer for good fortune. the merged series is designed similar to the makdoltap where the different tables can be stacked or separated, while each element is engraved with the designer’s wish for happiness and good fortune.

Choosing symbolic colors that represent the four seasons in Korea, the designer painted the metal frames using a traditional lacquer called ‘ott’ before sandpapering and polishing them. each color was blended with the lacquer and layered on the uneven surfaces multiple times to achieve a variety of colors and textures.

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