NINE associati create textured furniture for adult lego fans

The modular system of corian furnishings by NINE associati is designed for adult lego fans and their children. stüda is textured with studs compatible with lego blocks and most of commercial building brick toys that allows for infinite variations in color, shape and patterns.

The growing reality of afol, an acronym for adult fan of lego, manifested in the success of various installations, art projects and the recent lego house by BIG, triggered nine associati to design a furniture collection with studs in full-scale and not as a result of hacking or diy. owners can customize their stüda piece daily by creating different shapes and images or by ‘writing’ various messages on the textured surface.

The studded texture covers the furniture both vertically and horizontally, allowing the more creative to even build up frames, bowls or vases. apps like ‘lego photo’ can help customizing the stüda with paintings or photos made by bricks. 

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