Young Musical Talents Get the Chance to Visit Paris

Young Musical Talents Get the Chance to Visit Paris Thanks to Institut Français d’Égypte

Institut Français d’Égypte (The French Institution in Egypt) is organizing a local talent competition for youth in Egypt under the name Mounirat Al-Fan. This is the first edition of the youth competition and it will start today!
Mounirat Al-Fan focuses on the talents of music enthusiasts, instrument players, composers, and other musical talents whether they are amateurs or professionals, performing solo or in a band. The event starts at 3:30 pm and runs till 5:30 pm. Five musical acts will take to the stage to showcase their abilities, and two lucky winners will get the chance to perform in the opening of Cairo’s Music Festival next June.
The winners will also receive several music workshops so as to ensure that they are properly prepared for their June performances. The lucky ones will be chosen by a committee composed of music professionals including artist Fathy Salama and musician Mahmoud Refaat, as well as artists from the school of FGO-Barbara who are looking to support young musical talents. But that’s not all, winners will also get to visit Paris, and attend a party especially for Egyptian artists.

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