18 types of phobias. Do you have any?

For every human being in this world own a weakness and specific phobia fear, there are concerns normal people suffer if not all persons from fear of heights or dark or spiders. Etc, but there are also other things weird he feared some incredibly.

Falling into fear and anxiety disorders phobias, and phobias can be met through cognitive behavioral therapy, in addition to the possibility of taking antidepressants.

The professor explained Jurgen Margrav Professor of psychology at the University of Bochum that phobias or mental illness is defined as the continuous fear of position or activity when it happens or just thinking about it or an object or a particular person when you see him or just thinking about it.

Margrav said that often precedes such crucial experience concerns, in other words, might be infected Ayesh previous experience is stored in the brain can lead to a chain reaction when some of its causes.

The popularized the term Islamophobia, as we hear a lot about cats or phobia of heights phobia or sounds etc, what are phobias from the perspective of myself? What types of months? What this tells us about mental health specialist my phobias briefly advanced stage of continuous and severe fear and unreasonable of something or a particular position, which leads to avoiding that thing or situation.

Here's a list of 18 different types of phobias circulating:
  • Numbrphobia: fear of numbers (a certain number of pessimism)
  • Aklophobia: fear of the dark.
  • Airokrophobia: fear of vast spaces.
  • Acrophobia: fear of crowds.
  • Ailurophobia: fear of cats.
  • Anthrophobia: fear of flowers.
  • Anthropophobia: the fear of society and face the audience.
  • Ataksophobia: fear of not rating (some mothers)
  • Automatonophobia: fear of statues and pictures.
  • Allodoxaphobia: fear of opinion (when a person in a family is the father or mother authoritarians)
  • Acrophobia: fear of heights
  • Amaxophobia: fear of driving cars.
  • Homophobia: fear of blood.
  • Nosophobia: the fear of disease suspicion that a disease.
  • Alvilophobia: the fear of falling in love
  • Pactrophobia: fear of germs (obsessive cleanliness)
  • claustrophobia
  • Hirbenovobia: fear of reptiles (iguanas)

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