Best or Worst Ads in Ramadan 2018 ?

We can’t judge which advertising will be the best or the worst here

But we could say what we like to see.

1- Nescafé : 

It is funny and we love it targeting youth who are studying majors, their family or relatives or maybe most of our society didn’t know about it and they are a misunderstanding.
-You are studying at Miss communication so you MUST be a journalist or newsreader or broadcaster
-you are studying Engineering so you MUST fix anything!
-you are studying computer and information so you MUST study just computer!

2- Bank Misr 

It is a motivational ad, youthful, colorful and encouraging, they target youth by a song of our lovely singer el Essily and 3adwayah
And a beautiful word during the Ad  ( YOU CAN).

3- Vodafone 

It is a funny play between our actors and football players about who will be the main star in Ramadan ?! And YES we know who will be the main star 

4- orange 

It is great to target the neighborhood, nowadays we are so away from each other in spite of we are so close

5- El gar7e Steel 

It is the funniest one, new idea to target workers in the location who are playing not working at any steel company except el Gar7y

6- Egy bank 

It is repeating the same idea of the last year and how is Fofa is neglected by everyone around him ?!
Fofa is now a trainee and still neglected by everyone, by the way, we love you boy, you have an emotional face which could deliver a message, cheers Fofa.

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