Why do doctors wear green clothes during surgeries?

In the medical field, doctors and surgeons could choose between many colors, why were their clothes, especially their surgeons, limited to green or blue to green?

Colors have a big and effective effect on the human psyche, so doctors and surgeons wear green or slanted green clothes in the operating room. It is the color that reflects the peace and tranquility in the hearts of patients, and many interpretations surprised scientists and researchers, including the wonderful and profound effect of colors in our lives.

The scientific fact revealed that the colors are not only favorite choices in clothes, gifts, but play roles are more profound and significant, especially in It is related to the mental, mood and health status of patients, and the use of their energies and vibrations in treatment and hospitalization and affect patients with health problems and membership, and beyond the link color interpretation of the psychological situation and the impact on the members and abilities and mental and expressive and behavior.

Doctors and surgeons wore white in the early 20th century, but by the turn of the 20th-century doctors began to wear the green or blue suit, as well as most of the components or contents of the operating theater, which were found in green or blue. Some thought that these two colors More comfortable for the eye.

The green color is considered suitable for operation rooms for the following reasons:

1 - Green or blue color is comfortable for the eye and helps to renew the activity of seeing the doctor after looking at the red color for long periods so as not to get the doctor numb sensation, and the red color for long periods makes the eye unable to distinguish the color The body of the blood so it is very useful to look at the green color from time to time to help the eye to distinguish vibrations red color.

2 - The deep look for long periods of red color leads to the illusion of a green spectrum on the white surfaces .. This phenomenon occurs because white color extension of the colors of the spectrum so the eye sends signals to the brain to search for the color compared to the red is green and green spectra appear. Therefore, if the doctors look at the green or blue color, the spectra will disappear, so green is followed by blue, the most suitable color for wearing in the surgery room.

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