16 weird fact about the genius man Steve Jobs

It is not possible that you do not know Steve Jobs – mind feat for Apple -, but you may not know some amazing and beautiful facts about this wonderful and mysterious personality at the same time. Let’s know some of them.
1 – Steve Jobs was an adopted child and his biological father was a Syrian Muslim man named Abdelfattah Jandali.
2 – Steve Jobs did not even write in his life a programming code.
3 – Steve Jobs was suffering from dyslexia disease.
4 – In every ad on the new Apple smartphones appear on the phones at 9:41 am, the same time that Jobs first disclosed it in 2007.
5 – ‘Jobs‘ got a 141 inventions patent since his death.
6 – When the first prototype of the iPad was presented to Jobs, he dumped it into an aquarium and used air bubbles to prove that there was an empty, unnecessary space that could be disposed of to make it smaller.
7When the Secretary of Jobs told him that she was late because of her car and that she was not work in the morning, he threw the keys of a new ‘Jaguar’ car, saying ‘Never delay again.’
8 – Jobs was a believer that his vegetarian diet would reduce the need for bathing.
9 – The Bible, the biography of Steve Jobs, and the Hunger Games, one of the most prominent books that are now reading by many people.
10 – Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Thomas Addison and Steve Jobs did not get a college degree.
11 – When Steve Jobs was dying, his rival Bill Gates wrote a letter to him and left him at his bedside.
12 – ‘Jobs‘ refused to recognize his first child Lisa on the pretext that she was sterile.
13 – Once Steve called ‘Google’ to tell them that the yellow in the second letter (O) is not right.
14 – buried in a tomb without a marked.
15 – There was a very rare Apple computer was manufactured in Jobs garage in 1976 and was sold at auction in 2014 for $ 905 thousand dollars.
16 – Jobs did not allow his children to own iPads and was very limited in their use of technology.

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